A Complete List of Equipment on the Sailing Vessel Luna

As a passionate sailor, I understand the importance of having reliable and cutting-edge equipment onboard. Therefore, I’d like to share with you a comprehensive list of all the current equipment on my vessel, Luna.

This list is a continuous work in progress, and I’ll ensure to update it frequently to reflect any modifications or improvements made to the boat.

My commitment to transparency is the cornerstone of my relationship with my Patrons. I believe in full disclosure when it comes to the tools and technology aboard, especially those related to safety and navigation. This comprehensive list will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that I’m well-equipped to navigate the seas and overcome any obstacles that may arise.

It’s important to keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive. I’m constantly striving to enhance my equipment and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in sailing technology. Nonetheless, I’m confident that the current equipment on Luna is sufficient to ensure a safe and enjoyable sailing experience.

Without further ado, I present to you a detailed list of all the current equipment on board Luna. It will give you a better insight into the tools and technology I use while sailing.

Engine Yanmar 3YM30AE Propultion2021Excelent
Cleaned fuel tank and replace hosesPropultion2022Excelent
Furling Genua – LundhSails2021Excelent
furling genoa coverSails2021Excelent
Mainsail Vectran – LundhSails2021Excelent
Lazy-bag m Lazy Jacks Lundh Sails2021Excelent
Furling genuaSails2010unknown
B&G Zeus 3 9″Electronics2020Excelent
B&G Wind sensor WS310Electronics2020Excelent
DC/DC MasterVolt Mac Plus battery chargerElectronics2022Excelent
MasterVolt ChargeMaster 12/25-3 Electronics2022Excelent
Lithium Batteries 2x100aHElectronics2022Excelent
Starter battery 150aHElectronics2019Excelent
Battery cablesElectronics2022Excelent
2x150W solar panelsElectronics2021Excelent
B&G autopilot &G Nac2 core-packElectronics2023Excelent
Westabo HeaterInterior2021Excelent
Fridge Isoterm 3201ITCInterior2020Excelent
Gas stove, hoses and regulatorInterior2020Excelent
Hoses, mixers and pressurized water pump for fresh waterInterior2022Excelent
Stearn windless Quicksilver Balder 1200w Mooring2023Excelent
Delta anchor 16kgMooring2020Excelent
Bruceankare 15kgMooring?Good

Future upgrades

I’m always on the lookout for new equipment and upgrades to add to Luna. While this equipment list reflects the gear that is currently on board. There are still many items on my WishList that I plan to install in the future.

If you’re curious, have a look at my WishList. It’s where I list all the items that I’m considering for the future. And the list will give you an idea of future boat projects.

Of course, adding new equipment and upgrades to Luna is a gradual process, and I’m always mindful of my budget. But I’m excited to continue enhancing Luna’s equipment and technology, and I look forward to sharing these upgrades with you in the future.